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* In charge

  • Mr. Balkrishna Chodankar

* Instructors

  • Mr. Ravindra Sutar

  • Mr. Raghuvir Fadte

  • Mr. Inacinho J.Antao

* Sweeper

  • Mr. Laxman Dhuri

The workshop caters to the students of all the five departments by conducting practicals and demonstrations in different trades. Trades Offered are Carpentry, Turning, MachineShop, Fitting, Smithy, Welding Sheet Metal & Plumbing. Workshop is equipped with modern machines and equipments. Efficient and experienced staff is imparting quality training to develop the skill needed for the student.

* Activities

The workshop undertakes jobs from industry for machining, welding or any other allied form of work and provides consultancy for development of prototypes at reasonable rates. The rates are fixed depending upon the extent and type of work. The rates and other details pertaining to workshop may be obtained from the In charge. The workshop also plays an active role in the maintenance of the institute facilities like furniture, machines and equipment.

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